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Molle Backpack

All the MOLLE backpacks, being heavy-duty and possessing an impressive amount of strength suitable for well-equipped adventures, are ideal for hiking, trekking and even camping. Actually some kids use this type of kit for school!

Here is a list of some of the leading makes of MOLLE Backpacks:

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General Background into MOLLE equipment
Their use by the military attests to the superiority of their design which allows the wearer to bear extremely heavy loads for days, and to do so in relative comfort and with less fatigue than occurs with many other bags. These are not run-of-the-mill backpacks. Rather they are high quality, exceptional bags originally designed for the rigorous demands of the army. Smart hikers, trekker, and campers have realized their possibilities for personal use, taking advantage of their durability for all manner of trips.

Molle stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, which is a suitable name given the functions and benefits it provides. All MOLLE backpacks are surprisingly lightweight, but nevertheless they allow their wearers to carry heavy loads in safety. The weight can be distributed evenly by use of padded straps around the waist and shoulders.  The modular aspect derives from the pouch attachment ladder system, which is a grid of webbing in rows of rugged nylon stitched onto the outside of the bag. It allows many pouches and accessories to be added onto the bag. Many necessary things for surviving in and enjoying the outdoors can be attached on the outside to free up space inside. A sleeping bag and mat can also be secured on the outside of the pack. The modular nature of the bag enables it to be tailored to the user’s needs. Accessories can be arranged in the best configuration to suit the wearer’s body type, task, hand preference, and so on.

Since it’s essential for soldiers to reach many items at top speed without obstacles, all MOLLE backpacks have been designed with accessibility in mind. This means not only many compartments, but also double zippers, or in some cases, even four zippers on an opening. Many of the zippers are self-healing, which, in laymen’s terms, means that they have been designed to reconnect easily even if over packing forces them to split apart. At any time, having a bag’s zipper fail is a major inconvenience and irritation. However, it is far more than this when the damage occurs in the wilderness, and especially if it occurs when one is away from home for hours, or days. Many serious hikers simply cannot afford to have the zips fail, and the important contents spill out mid-journey. This is why self-healing zips are necessary. Backpacks can be crammed full of equipment safe in the knowledge that the zips are protected against damage. Each zipper is corded so that it can be reached, opened and closed easily.

There are many different makes of MOLLE style backpacks. Two popular examples are the FLYYE MOLLE System Hydration Backpack Multicam from Baseline Supples and the Berghaus Centurio Men's Military Style Backpack. These provide four quick release padded straps designed to keep the load in place. They feature numerous compartments and pockets as well as covered vent holes on top allow space for a radio antenna, hydration pack tube, or walking pole to stick out of. The most popular pack, the 3 day military assault pack, can hold as much as 2 3 liter hydration bladders in addition to the water bottles that can be stored in the dual side pockets.

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